It wasn’t that close…

In the pregame radio show, Sonny Jurgensen kept saying “Joe THEEZMAN” as it was “Joe THEEZMAN’s birthday.” By the way, this wasn’t the first time the Skins got blown out on Joe THEEZMAN’s birthday — it happened in 1985 in Dallas. Cowboys fans sang happy birthday to him after his fifth interception I think.

Sonny also said, about three times, that “Robert Griffin III needs to go down to Nats camp and learn to slide.” Remember, Sonny is a hipster Nats fan.

So, that was about it for Skins highlights, wasn’t it? Oof.

Don’t worry though, Siri still loves the Skins

When was the last time a night game with the Eagles didn’t end in a awful loss?

I was flipping back and forth between the Skins and Nats and I stopped flipping because Gio Gonzalez was dealing. The Nats were outscoring the Skins for most of the night.

It is going to be a grumpy Tuesday morning I think.

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