Some details on why Nats postponement took so long

Washington Nationals postpone game after hours of uncertaintyThe Post
More details about the Washington Nationals decision to postpone last night’s game against the Atlanta Braves after the shooting at the Navy Yard yesterday.

District Mayor Vincent C. Gray said in a phone interview that he wasn’t involved with every detail of the postponement, but that he wished the decision had been made earlier. He said he feared letting thousands of people near the area of an ongoing investigation.

Paul A. Quander Jr., deputy mayor for public safety and justice, said he first spoke with the Nationals at 1 p.m., and that the team initially wanted to play the game. Police were confident they could clear South Capitol Street and parts of M Street SE in time to accommodate stadium traffic. “We were going to make it work,” he said.

But as the search for people of interest in the shooting continued, and Lanier warned people to stay away from the Navy Yard area, the Nationals contacted city officials about a possible postponement, Quander said. He said the Nationals informed him they would need the approval of Major League Baseball.

“It was a fluid situation,” he said. “But I think they made the right call.”

To me and seemingly every Nats fan I follow on twitter, postponing the game was the obvious call before 1 p.m. While it police may have been confident they could get M Street cleared before the game, was that the best use of District resources at the time? Additionally, with one of the parking areas being used as a gathering place for families, it seemed to me the Nats should have erred on the side of caution and of consideration for the families waiting in the parking area. Why potentially make it harder for them to arrive and depart?

Another factor to consider, the players on either team were not interested in playing the game last night.

Lastly, there are policies and procedures that need to be re-evaluated by both the District, the team and Major League Baseball. Since Nationals Park is owned by the District, though operated by the franchise, it should have the authority to shut down a game. The Nats should also be able to postpone a game due to unforeseen events and not have to get the backing of MLB or more likely, some old man in Milwaukee.


UPDATE: Postponed, finally – EARLIER: Nats should just postpone tonight’s game


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