The MLB regular season ended on Sunday and the NHL regular season began on Tuesday, so I switched my browser theme from the Washington Nationals to Washington Capitals. After opening a new tab, I noticed something about the Caps theme, created by Brand Thunder:


Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Bäckström and Mike Green make plenty of sense, but Tomáš Vokoun (get well) and Alexander Semin? Neither of them are on this year’s team. Neither of them were on last year‘s team.


Also, Ovechkin’s sweater is tucked into the back, he could get a penalty for that so they better fix that too.

So much for a team with no weaknesses:

The Caps aren’t the only team with an outdated Brand Thunder theme — the Calgary Flames have some players that shouldn’t still be on there either:


As of this posting, Flames fans get to console themselves with 3-1 lead in the second over the Caps. Braden Holtby has already been pulled by the Caps. The Flames lead is now 4-2.

UPDATE: Hey, the Caps came back and won in the shootout, 5-4. Yay.

I guess I should mention this is on Firefox. Feel free to check other browsers.


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