Leonsis can’t commit to 2015 Winter Classic being in D.C.

A few weeks ago, after the Washington Capitals were awarded the 2015 Winter Classic that “…if Leonsis is true to his double bottom line ethos he will publicly eliminate the possibility of a Baltimore Winter Classic for his WASHINGTON CAPITALS, even before a site is selected. The NHL needs to go along with this as well.”

With the Caps owner Ted Leonsis on WTOP this morning, I tweeted a question:

Leonsis noted he doesn’t have the final say, but he can influence it. He also mentioned Nationals Park and Downtown DC by name:

I think that’s a fair question and I wish I could commit. There are two teams that play in it, we would be the host city, and I have some input but the league makes the decisions. I certainly would love to have the game played in D.C., Nats park would be a great venue. but the league will canvass, reach out, look at all the options and do the research — there’s a lot that goes into this

Here is his full response to my question.

I’m annoyed that this was announced before a venue was selected. Here’s my suggestion for Leonsis and influence — make sure it is at Nationals Park, RFK Stadium or FedEx Field or tell the NHL you aren’t interested.


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