Apparently, after several weeks of doing nothing but watching the Post write stories, columns and run videos about some former Baltimore player’s potential interest in being manager, the Washington Nationals are actually interviewing real candidates to replace Davey Johnson.

Bench Randy Knorr and Arizona Diamondbacks third base coach Matt Williams and Brad Ausmus(?) of the San Diego Padres special assistant are among those who have interviewed. Nats third base coach Trent Jewitt may get an interview as well.

I don’t have a strong favorite other than I want the Nats to hire the guy who wins it all. What I don’t want is them to hire Cal Ripken, Jr., the Baltimore Orioles Hall of Famer that some Washingtonians and The Post in particular, try to claim as a D.C. sports legend. While it is annoying that these fanboys insist that somebody who never played a regular season game in the nation’s capital is a D.C. legend, it would be more annoying if the Nats hired somebody who hasn’t been a day-to-day part of MLB since before the first iPod was sold. Could he be a good manager? Maybe, but the current Nats are contenders, ever after last season’s underachievement, so managing them shouldn’t be a “let’s see how you like being back in the game” deal.

Last week the Ripken speculation led to something kind of extraordinary, something so rare it had not been seen since the day after Opening Day – two Post columnists writing about the Nats:*

As a Nats fan and a Washingtonian, this annoys me. The Baltimore Orioles and Peter Angelos treat D.C., the Nats and their fans like crap and the D.C. media still sees life does not see a problem with it. So, my solution for the D.C. media, The Post in particular, I offer this suggestion want to write about Ripken and the Nats manager job unless he’s actually interviewed:

1) wait 24 hours
2) then don’t report on Ripken

Instead, write about the ongoing delay of the Nats being compensated for their television rights that they were forced to give away to Peter Angelos in 2005. That’s a story that is under-reported. It may not be important to the video hosts or beat writers with Oriole Park in the background, but for Washingtonians who have been punished for the cowardice of Angelos/Orioles for years, it matters to us. If some of you love writing about the Orioles so much, write about something that means something to fans of the Washington baseball team — the corrupt bargain that hurts the Nats and kept most of the 2005-2006 seasons off most cable systems. It is certainly more responsible than your personal fanboy dreams.

*Sorry, I’m hitting the paywall, so I won’t link to those week old columns, but I will link to Eric Fingerhut‘s The Fingerman blog where you can get regular quality analysis of the Post’s editorial priorities.

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