Joining us again is @PancakeCatapult, the latest non de plume of someone whose internet celebrity far outshines my own. Shockingly, I don’t think Mr. Catapult is blogging anywhere right now, not even about Wilco — has he quit for good? Time will tell.

WFY: 5-5! Your Iggles are in the mix for the entire “SEC of the NFL” division. They looked great against the Skins in September, but have also had some games where they can’t score 10 points. What in the name of Mike Mamula is going on with them?

Mr. Catapult: Basically, Nick Foles got hurt and Matt Barkley happened for two games. Foles has generally been effective (and a little lucky) when healthy, and obviously gives Philly the best chance to win every week.

WFY: Nick Foles threw 7 touchdowns in one game. Is that more improbable than Matt McGloin being a starting quarterback in the NFL? Could Foles be the answer or is it just another case of somebody having the game of his life and seeing false conclusions drawn from it?

Mr. Catapult: Nothing is more improbable “Matt McGloin, Starting NFL Quarterback”. Nothing. Foles’ game against Oakland was insane, partially because of the final statistics, partially because Oakland covered absolutely nobody all day long. Chip Kelly felt no compulsion to stop the bludgeoning.

WFY: Tangentially related, seeing Terrell Pryor get blown out wasn’t disappointing, was it?

Mr. Catapult: Funny, before the Oakland game, former Pitt Panther Shady McCoy said “we couldn’t afford him” when asked about Pryor’s recruitment. No shade for Pryor from me anymore, though. He and Brandon Marshall were two guys that came forward in Jonathan Martin’s defense when that ridiculous scandal broke. Both of them had amazingly thoughtful responses to that situation.

WFY: Other than Foles, how is the Philly offensive attack?

Mr. Catapult: Stunningly effective on the ground with McCoy and occasional sprinkles of Bryce Brown. Riley Cooper has exploited some Second Team Practice Squad magic with Foles. DeSean Jackson is still dangerous as anything, and Zach Ertz is providing a second tight end option. It’s all happening!

WFY: Chip Kelly – innovator, mediocre or still not like enough like Buddy Ryan?

Mr. Catapult: I’m a fan. They lost Jeremy Maclin and Arrelious Benn to ACL injuries in training camp. Their quarterback situation has been less than ideal for most of the season. There’s a lot of lemonade being produced from only a handful of lemons, and that’s a testament to Kelly and his staff. He’s done some really strange in-game stuff, but the quality of football has generally improved.

WFY: How is the Eagles defense? They gave up a lot of scores in garbage time in week 1.

Mr. Catapult: Improving, for sure. Bad, but improving.

WFY: What about undefeated in KC, Andy Reid? We wondered if the players quit on him last year, but did this diva actually quit on the players?

Mr. Catapult: Everybody was just done at the end of Reid’s tenure. We all know he’s a good coach, despite his tendency to ignore the running game and complete inability to use instant replay challenges properly. He provided a run of playoff appearances never seen before in Philly, but the team, coaches, fans, management, soft pretzel vendors — they were over it, and it showed. Reid’s success in Kansas City isn’t all that surprising to me.

WFY: Do the Eagles dishonor the memory of Princess Diana by not returning to her beloved green and silver look? Or is Jeff Lurie just anti-monarchist overall?

Mr. Catapult: I’m all for breaking out the Kelly Green on occasion, but I’m losing enthusiasm for it. Let’s be honest, it’s a pretty awful shade of green. Hard to work with. We could use a little help on the uniform front these days.

WFY: Is a roof and fake grass is the solution to the problems playing at home? Did that post invalidate anything the700level.com has ever done or ever will do?

Mr. Catapult: Not at all — the Linc is a sterile, gray dump of a new stadium. It’s terrible in just about every way.

WFY: So, the Eagles are totally going to break with tradition and win a home game, right? Not just in this series where the home team usually loses, but in general. Wasn’t Donovan McNabb the quarterback the last time the Eagles won at home? Your prediction!

Mr. Catapult: I’m fairly sure that the Redskins stink. The Eagles very well might be average. 34-31, Philly.

WFY: 27-24 DC

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