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Halloween is over, we had frost at the end of last week and there were even scattered reports of snow flurries in BeltwayLand. Let’s start thinking about skiing., whose owner I profiled in 2012, has been redesigned. You can follow them on Facebook too.

Big Boulder in the Poconos, where I skied more than any other place before it primary shifted to snowboarders, opened on Friday, November 15. It was only one lift and one trail, but they did it, the ninth year in a row they were the first in the Poconos to open (

Timberline, which I skied last winter, has had snowfall and has their snow guns blowing. Opening date – December 12.

Elsewhere in West Virginia, Snow Shoe plans to open November 27. That’s less than two weeks away! They had 8½ inches of snow as of Friday night.

My favorite place to ski in the Poconos, Camelback, is celebrating their 50th season and begun snowmaking on November 12, according to Pennsylvania Ski Areas Association

Hunter Mountain in New York State is also making snow. I have discussed going up there with a friend this year — we were thinking of it last year but several factors led us to Timberline.

Some other places I have skied over the years: Jack Frost, Whitetail, Blue Knob

No word on when the closest resorts – Liberty, Roundtop and Whitetail will open.


As always, I’m getting ready with daily exercises, specifically wall-sits. I can’t emphasize enough how helpful just a few minutes every day improves both the experience and my ability.

Another thing, if you don’t own your own equipment, rent locally. There are two big advantages of renting your skis near where you live:

1.) Renting in advance allows more time on the day you go skiing. Doing the paperwork on a weeknight in an empty, warm ski shop is better than doing it packed, chilly ski area. It is probably cheaper too.

2.) Your boots are warm when you put them on, as opposed to putting on the ski area rentals that have been sitting in a room that is 45°.

Also, wear a helmet. it keeps your head safer and is nice and warm.


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