3-7! The Washington Redskins are 3-7. Again.

It happens pretty frequently, but that combination of numbers isn’t all bad:

Olie Kolzig, January 6, 2004
Olie Kolzig, Washington Capitals goaltender

Strasburg, 14 strikeouts in debut
Stephen Strasburg, Washington Nationals starting pitcher

Pat Fischer, Washington Redskins defensive back (100% awesome according to Dan Steinberg)

Gerald Riggs, Washington Redskins running back

Mark Moseley
and Joe Theismann were a pretty good combination of 3 and 7 too, but I can’t find a good fair-use image…

By theway, the first two photos are mine; the Olie photo was on Wikipedia for some time. Also, it’s still really weird to think the Caps actually wore those dumb black sweaters for so long.

Author: WFY

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