Chris Smith and his real Yale pants
When the 130th edition of The Game began, I immediately noticed that one of the kick returners was wearing the traditional Yale pants with two stripes. Before this season, an otherwise strong uniform tweak was marred by Nike adding some sort of streak instead of a double-stripe. I was pleased that #3 Chris Smith still had the true Yale pants on.

Then he got injured on the kickoff return.

Chris Smith, injured on the kickoff return

It was that kind of day for my dad’s alma mater. Harvard scored touchdowns on their first four possessions, all by Paul Stanton, Jr. Yale couldn’t get anything going, scoring only once in the third quarter with The Game not in doubt. The Crimson added two field goals in the second half. Final score 34-7, Cantabs.

FOOTBALL: Yale crumbles to CrimsonYale Daily News

My alma mater, Penn State, despite the #1 uniform matchup in all of college football yesterday (scroll down), fell to Nebraska in overtime. I didn’t watch it — didn’t have Big Ten Network.

Harvard’s cheating was even more rampant than last year

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