This Sunday’s interconference battle means more to San Diegan Jason Woodmansee, a displaced Washington Redskins, than any other person in the universe. He’s been throwing gasoline on the fire of this HUGE matchup.

Woodmansee survived the Norv Turner experience on two different coasts and may have even survived being assaulted by him too. So, yeah, the importance of this game cannot be oversold.

WFY: How are the Chargers do this year and has San Diego noticed? I get the feeling they are emerging from their Norv Turner malaise but are in trouble because KC and Denver are doing so well.

JW: People are generally optimistic – they are genuinely excited about Norv leaving – and AJ Smith even more. Norv was a nice, incompetent coach, but AJ Smith was a jerk, which makes him less missed (And, as several Chargers fans have pointed out, AJ Smith is now a “consultant” to the Redskins, which means they’re doomed apparently). The expectations with a new coaching staff and a semi-gutted roster were pretty low, so fans are mostly happy. I think. People are generally happy anyway, so it’s hard to tell. I mean, it’s paradise out here.

WFY: Is Phillip Rivers liked, disliked or tolerated there?

JW: Liked, but not quite beloved. The most popular jersey worn by fans is probably still Tomlinson (who is second only to Tony Gwynn as Mr. San Diego) and then followed by Rivers and Gates. He’s definitely not perceived as the King Laser Face/Marmalard caricature that he’s branded with everywhere else.

WFY: Since you are a Skins fan, are you more surprised or disappointed by the season so far? What do they need to do better? How are you handling this season?

JW: I thought that they were on the verge of greatness, so I’m surprised AND disappointed. I had low expectations for RGIII’s rookie year, but it looks like they’re having those struggles this year instead. In short, I’m not handling it well.

WFY: The last time you these two teams met up was Jim Zorn’s last game. Do you want the same for Mike Shanahan?

JW: Shanny’s not perfect, but the only time you should use Jim Zorn and Mike Shanahan in the same sentence is if it starts off like, “Unlike Jim Zorn, Mike Shanahan…”

WFY: Is RGIII selling hawking Subway out there too?

JW: Yup – those are national ads. Along with adidas, Gatorade…

WFY: What’s the situation with the Chargers long-term home? Are they going to Los Angeles? I would rather see the Rams back there.

JW: The situation is uncertain. Qualcomm Stadium (full disclosure – I work for Qualcomm. Check out our processors at!) is old and run down, and they definitely need a new stadium – but there’s no real plan to get one. The plan the Chargers supported on the waterfront was just overruled to expand the convention center instead, and no one really knows what will happen next. The city wants to keep them, but also doesn’t want to pay the usual ransom NFL teams charge. I honestly have no idea what will happen.

WFY: What’s the best time for a game on West Coast, 10 a.m. or 1:25 p.m.?

JW: It depends on your schedule. 10 AM games in my 20’s would have been a bummer, but now that I have kids, it’s great. Sunday night games at 5:30 are by far the best, though. Mondays & Thursdays at 5:30 stinks when it’s the Redskins, because it’s hard to get home in time to watch. But I was on the East coast last month and MNF was at halftime at 10:30PM – that’s crazy. I’m too old for that ish.

WFY: Have you ever voluntarily watched an entire Chargers game and cheered for them even a little bit?

JW: I usually go to 1-2 Chargers games per year – I rarely watch an entire game on TV unless it’s a primetime game. I went to the opening Monday Night game against the Texans and sat behind the world’s most obnoxious Texans fan – I was rooting hard for the Chargers that nice for sure. But mainly, the Chargers are harmless.

WFY: Bigger fanbase Chargers or Padres?

JW: C’mon. The NFL team wins in every city.

WFY: True or false: powder blue jerseys are overrated

JW: False. Why they haven’t made them the primary jersey, I have no idea.

WFY: The weekly pants update is a pretty big one, but they’ve gone only with gold of late. That’s fine for burgundy jerseys, but white white jerseys, they have to bring back the burgundy, right?

JW: I agree with you on this – never really got into the white jersey/gold pants look. I miss the white/burgundy look of the Gibbs era. Just don’t ever ever do the burgundy on burgundy monstrosity of the Zorn era.

WFY: Okay, who wins on Sunday?

JW: Redskins. They’re 0-3 against the Chargers since I moved to San Diego in 2001. That streak has got to end, right? Right? Please?

WFY: Early game on the east coast helps…

San Diego 17

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