Music Tuesday is sort of back: The Go! Team – Everyone’s a V.I.P. to Someone

Music Tuesday! remember that? No. That’s okay. I dropped it in favor of just putting songs up on my tumblr, but right now youtube and tumblr aren’t getting along, so it’s onto the mothership.

The influential, but unliked, @PancakeCatapult introduced me to this instrumental a few weeks ago and I’ve listened to it often since then. Banjos, harmonica, flutes, trumpets and strings (real or synthesized) each get their moment as the song slowly builds to a slight crescendo and wraps up shortly thereafter. While it sounds like the end of something and is therefore bittersweet, it is quite agreeable, relaxing and interesting — easy listening for the 21st century.

You may have seen it on EDSBS and like I mentioned earlier, that was probably Mr. Catapult’s influence.

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