After the aberration of 2012, this year Washingtonians were reminded that cheering for the Redskins is more nostalgia for the distant past than current events. So, with a game against the Atlanta Falcons coming up this weekend, I present (once again) The Seat Cushion Game!

Gerald Riggs had just scored to finish off the Atlanta Falcons in the first round of the playoffs. The seat Mobil sponsored cushions flew from all sides of the stadium onto the field. The next week the Skins walloped the Detroit Lions before giving the game ball to the great Glenn Brenner, who was dying of a brain tumor. Three weeks later, they dominated the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVI. I have more details about it from last year’s Skins vs. Falcons preview, a game we watched until the Nationals playoff game against the St. Louis Cardinals came on.

Meanwhile, some #hotsprotstakes on the current burgundy & gold situation:

Oh all the problems facing the Skins, the quarterback is what, 5th biggest problem? The lines stink, the coaching is poor, the special teams play as if the opposition is highly radioactive and of course the owner at the top. But you know, blame the second year QB coming off an injury, that’s the biggest problem facing the team.

The take-down of the Skins by Spencer Hall on SB Nation was rather spectacular.

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