Bryce Harper's Bitchin Camaro
Bryce Harper’s Bitchin’ Camaro – used with permission of Forgeline
Third year Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper just got a customized 1969 Camaro. I don’t normally post that sort of thing, but I’m making the exception because when a player for a team I like gives me a chance to reference the Dead Milkmen, I do that every time. The same can’t be said for other blogs.

Perhaps I’m a bigger Dead Milkmen fan than most, but isn’t Bitchin’ Camaro shared cultural capital?

Might be a few naughty words in there

Lots of Harper coverage came out of NatsFest, including references to Babe Ruth instead of Mickey Mantle.

Pretty funny, Harper.

Even the Ombudsman, a soulless Phillies fan, has to appreciate this:

Then there were seperate ESPN ads featuring Harper and Strasburg:

Stephen Strasburg, Bryce Harper, and Tyler Clippard
Photo by Scott Abelman used under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license

NatsFest had 8,400 fans apparently. There was apparently a Wheel of Fortune Game played amongst some players and Let Teddy Win’s Harper photo went viral.

If there was an after-party like last year’s with Charlie Slowes, it’s been kept on the DL. Or maybe it was on the DL and didn’t happen. Don’t know, but that would have been the part most worthy of attention.

Oh and LIVAN! was back and is probably headed to spring training. Are his possible legal troubles over?

Opening Day is 62 days away…

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