How I’d fix the Denver Broncos uniforms

Remember when the Denver Broncos had respectable uniforms? Sure, they lost four Super Bowls in them, but the blue helmets and orange jerseys were distinctive if not classic. However, they let Nike ruin their look in 1997 with a mostly blue design that had non-block numbers and lots of big swooshes instead of stripes. Those eyesores ushered in an era of decline for football uniforms.

Since I like dabling in uniform design, I figured I’d “fix” them.

How W.F. Yurasko would fix the Denver Broncos uniforms

1. Orange jersey which to the Broncos credit, they’ve returned to
2. Block numbers
3. The old “D” logo on the helmet. The current helmet logo isn’t bad and would look great on the sleeve, but having it on the helmet too would be overkill.

How W.F. Yurasko would fix the Denver Broncos uniforms

The white uniforms aren’t much different.

By the way, if you want to see the Broncos in their old look, why not watch Super Bowl XXII which was 26 years ago today. They lost to Doug Williams and the hometown Washington Redskins on this day. It was kind of a big deal.

I’m pulling for the Broncos on Sunday, despite the flawed uniforms. I never thought they’d be the better dressed team, but the Seattle Seahawks have atrocious kits. Also, I respect the Broncos played on a grass field even though they are in the snowbelt. They don’t seem to have problem keeping it in good condition either, ahem FedEx Field. I’ve been to Seattle either, but I went to Denver about 15 years ago and really enjoyed it.

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