The Washington Nationals will be giving away 175,000 bobbleheads in 2014. DC Sports Bog covered this last week in a Q&A with John Guagliano, the team’s VP of marketing and broadcasting.

That’s nice and all, but what’s the point if they aren’t going to have television commercials like the one with a Chad Cordero bobblehead rocking back in forth to “Gimme Dat Ding” by The Pipkins? Sadly, video of that ad seem lost forever, along with Brad Wilkerson’s bank ad and the Red Roof Inn “chances of working here…remote” spot. Thankfully, with a little bit of imagination and the song linked below, you can pretend you are watching Jordan Zimmermann, Wilson Ramos, Bryce Harper, William Howard Taft and Ian Desmond bobbleheads swaying back and forth.

If anybody out there has a Cordero bobblehead, let’s break out the video camera and remake that ad.

Speaking of the early Nats, reliever Luis Ayala is back on a minor league deal (Nationals Journal, The Post). Luis Ayala! You may remember the time he pitched for Ted Williams on the Senators that his right arm fell off in the World Baseball Classic after overuse by Frank Robinson the previous season. Between him and Jamey Carroll and ¡LIVAN! at spring training they really are putting the band back together. WHY?

I eagerly await Hector Carrasco, Tomo Ohka and Rick Short‘s return. Oh and this guy too. That has to be it, right?

The one Nats bobblehead I own is pictured above — Phillies fan Kevin McGuire sent it to me after he attended a game here. Acquiring a Nyjer Morgan bobblehead that way seems like a microcosm of 2009-2010 of the Nats. I may ask for help in acquiring one of those 175,000 bobbleheads so I can stop using this as my stock photo.

Opening Day is 50 days away

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  1. Ha, I forgot all about that bobble head! My bobblehead collection is mostly packed up for the time being, but once I eventually move in to a new house and have an office space to display my collectables I am sure they will come out of storage.

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