Citizens of Natstown spring training story generator is just what @MASNCommenter needs

James O’Hara (@nextyeardc) has created a spring training story generator for Citizens of Natstown, which is likely similar to the one used by beat writers across the Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues every February.

This simple form gives several scenarios:

  • Scrappy player knows how to win
  • Old veteran returns for one last run
  • New free agent acquisition adjusts
  • New trade acquisition adjusts
  • Star player ready to take it to next level
  • Team will have to adjust to higher expectations
  • Despite the critics, team believes it can be competitive
  • Team wants to bounce back from last season’s disappointment

All MLB teams are available and there are fields to enter a players name. The form allows somebody like @MASNCommenter to create the spring training story that they and the Washington Nationals deserve, but can’t have because GM Mike Rizzo cruelly traded the grittiest National for a pitcher with a sub .500 record:

While many will be paying attention to the big stars as Spring Training begins, the most important player on the team will be ignored. He may not hit the tape measure home runs, or impress anyone with his arm, but his hustle cannot be understated.

Steve Lombardozzi wasn’t born with the natural talents that some of his teammates were, but that hasn’t held him back from being one of the key contributors to the Washington Nationals. Lombardozzi has been told his entire life that he would never be a professional baseball player and he’s used that as fuel to prove those critics wrong.

“All my life, all I heard was that I couldn’t do it,” said Lombardozzi.”Well here I am.”

Lombardozzi’s scrappy style of play and fun-loving attitude have endeared him to teammates and fans alike. Fans go crazy whenever Lombardozzi comes to bat and it’s no surprise, whenever Lombardozzi has a bat in his hand good things happen…


That’s got to be like a forum letter to @MASNCommenter.

I’ll make a suggestion though, another option addressing the manager of the team, needs to be included. After all, we have to give DC sports media a chance to their own alternate history with the man who should have Matt Williams job.

Photo by flickr user Richard Martin used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.

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