This blog is 10 years old

Ten years ago today, this blog was officially launched, but I’m not going to get maudlin about it. It’s been an interesting and fun ride which started in my final days in my first apartment through the present in a increasingly claustrophobic condo and #dadlife.

It all started out because I like writing and figured it was an easier way to spread the news my friends and I would email about during the day. Not long after launching, it became a DC Baseball and Penn State football blog.


I used blogger for six years but spent at least half of them wondering if something else would be better, only to have Blogger add some helpful new feature like labels. At times, it was kind of fun figure little hacks around Blogger’s limitations. I even started using Blogger in my professional life.

I finally moved over to WordPress in 2010 and have been generally been happy with it, even though the latest migration was a bit annoying. I even used that platform professionally.


Now, I’m using WordPress’s twentyfourteen responsive design. I like some aspects of it, but I think I’ll look for something else. We’ll see, time for such things is limited and the weather is about to get good again. Maybe next winter!

Okay, enough talk about designs and how I manage this content.

I’ve changed my focus content-wise over the years. For a long time, it was “executive news summary” style headlines for the Washington Nationals or Penn State Nittany Lions. Occasionally, I had some Q&As with an local author, cult filmmaker, the Blue Sapphire (twice), a future Pulitzer Prize winner, a hockey team owner and more. For a while, youtube videos were great for quick posts, but that’s more for tumblr or facebook now.

Speaking of facebook, it kind of killed personal blogging, didn’t it? I was never too personal (and have actually made some personal posts private) as this was mostly about stuff I was interested in, rather than myself. Nonetheless, all those games, travel and other adventures (like bicycling and skiing) are something of a diary that might be fun for my offspring to read several years from now. I hadn’t thought about that at the time, but it was a good point a friend of mine made.

By the way, Twitter hasn’t been as disruptive as facebook for my blog traffic which peaked in the spring of 2008. Twitter was new enough to be really helpful and Google Reader was still going strong and the Capitals were surging back to the playoffs and Nationals Park was new. Then my son was born and I slowly started blogging less of the years. No regrets. well, maybe the name — a proto-blog was called Weekly William News after the much lamented investigative newspaper, the Weekly World News and I wanted to keep that theme going.

Every now and then I still get a big spike, usually because Uni-Watch linked to me, but also DC Sports Bog. That’s always fun. So are the Q&As with opposing fans in my guest prognosticator series. I’ve really enjoyed doing more D.C. sports history posts as well as resurrecting The Beltway @; a name I used for all those highway pages I built in college. I like blogging about Metro too, though I’m not happy about the Silver Line right now.

At times this felt like a burden, but overall, it’s been a really fun ride. Thanks for reading and mostly thanks to my wife Erica for putting up with it.

Okay, now off to start adding some links (which you probably won’t go to anyway :p)

More highlights – Best of WWN

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