I don’t blog about (anything) the Washington Nationals as much as I used to and this week or two was a good example. I have a new desk in my condo though, so perhaps further inspiration is coming. Here are some thoughts running through my head.

A – The Scarlett letter. The Nats are 12-10 overall, but a pathetic 2-9 against teams that wear the letter “A” on their caps, the Atlanta Braves and the Los Angeles Angeles of Anaheim Anaheim Angles. They don’t have to play a team with an A until May 8 when head to Oakland to play the Athletics, so get ready for .900 ball until then! Then they play the Arizona Diamondbacks, who sometimes where an “A” right after the Oakland trip. Overall, they have 21 games left with teams that potentially wear an A cap. #fancystats

MattsTown - Washington Nationals - Matt WilliamsMATT WILLIAMS sounds better in pre-game radio previews than he manages at this point. Better than the post-game interviews too (BRYCE HARPER BUNTING WITH TWO STRIKES IS OKAY?!). Like a lot better before the game starts. We have a term for umpires who think the game is about them, so what’s the Ump Show equivalent? Manager Show seems to long, Skipper Show is not much better. Maybe #SkipShow is what we need to use for when managers that just have to constantly remind everyone they are managing a team. It’s early though, Jayson Werth even said so! (Nats Enquirer)

ANTHONY RENDON was probably not too upset about Bryce Harper not touching first base the other day, since it obscured the brutal error he made that cost a game. Speaking of errors…

IAN DESMOND is in a bad place right now. At least he homered in the 9th of Monday night’s loss. That’s a Ryan Zimmerman trademark, good to see somebody pick up the late solo home down several runs while Zimmerman heals.

DANNY ESPINOSA seems to have learned from his dreadful 2013 or more likely healed.

TYLER CLIPPARD is having a Desmond like stretch on the mound. I’ve been expecting his arm to fall off for a few years now, so that time may be here and that makes me sad.


BALTIMORE ORIOLES BILLBOARDS near the D.C. border aren’t a really a problem, but I understand why some fans think that they are — I suppose they are a problem because why weren’t the Nats advertising on them? The real problem is any reporting on them neglects to mention the Orioles franchise voting against D.C. baseball and of course the MASN situation. The animosity Nats fans have for the Orioles is earned and not petty inter-city tribalism. The D.C. MSM needs to do a better job reporting on that aspect, but probably never will.

ENOUGH OF “TAKE ON ME” It’s time to put 2012 in the rearview. While there is no tangible correlation between holding onto to memorable, but doomed seasons too long doesn’t always work out. Carlton Fisk’s Game 6 homer as a great moment for Boston Red Sox fans, but the Cincinnati Reds won that World Series and it was almost 30 years until the Red Sox could say the same. Nats fans, like me, were probably too nostalgic for 2005 for too long, Senators fans for ’69 and so on. Let’s save #natitude for special occasions too and not every good thing that happens.

CHARLIE SLOWES AND DAVE JAGELER ought to dial back the homer stuff a wee bit. Their constant griping about the umps drops them to an A-. Still great having them back.

THE BEER MAP! Cheers to Charlie at The Nationals Review for putting together the beer map again.

RIP CONNIE MARRERO – He was awesome, learn more.

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