Nats sweep Pirates as explained by one video

The Washington Nationals swept the Pittsburgh Pirates this past weekend. This video of the Racing Presidents vs. Pierogis reflects how the series went very well.

The Maryland Bureau Chief Emeritus texted me during last night’s game:

TMBCE: There is outrage on the pirates radio network regarding the Presidents treatment of the Potato Pete pierogi during todays race…..

WFY: I know! The real Teddy would have shot him from 150 yards

I have to credit my brother for the historically accurate suggestion of how Roosevelt would have handled the situation in reality.

Let Teddy Win has the video from three angles: 3 Videos: Teddy Roosevelt levels Pittsburgh Pierogie Potato Pete

Oh and nice job, Asdrubal Cabrera, your rental is going well.

In The Post today, Thomas Boswell is drinking the Kool-Aid again: Nationals’ success during stars’ down years shows team will contend for years to come.

That of course sets up the “Sign Ian Desmond now or the window closes column” within the next 10 days, because Boswell.

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A former Baltimore Sun reporter wrote a column telling Washingtonians that they should have a parade for Bud Selig for returning baseball to D.C. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Selig ignored what was in the best interest of his sport for a decade rather than possibly do something that would go against the best interest of one owner, which it didn’t.

When Selig finally allowed D.C. to have baseball, he did it halfway, bickered with the city over the stadium and delayed selling the team to local ownership for about 18 months.

No link for you, Loverro!

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