Subtitled: When your favorite bar from college is turned into a convenience store

Beer without gas: Sheetz to open store in downtown State CollegeCDT

Five things:

  • When I was at Penn State, my favorite bar was Tony’s Big Easy. It was an attractive space that served the best cocktails (but they were…SIX DOLLARS) in State College and played swing, salsa, jazz. It was the bar in Happy Valley with the most little black dresses. I loved it.
  • After graduation though, the music got more generic and it started to sound like every other bar in town. It wasn’t Jock Jams bad, but the product differentiation was lost.
  • Years later, there was a fatal stabbing outside of it. It eventually lost it’s liquor license.
  • Now, it’s becoming a 24-hour convenience store. It’s going to be a huge success.
  • That headline

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