Nats bloopers to Stars & Stripes Forever, I Fought the Law and um, Da Butt

MAY 21 UPDATE: The video and soundtrack are back! Get Valerie Camillo a fainting couch, there here is go-go in it!

I’d replace “I Fought the Law” with Danny Gatton’s “Fingers on Fire” though.

UPDATE: YouTube turned off the sound due to a copyright infringement in the 18 hours since I discovered this video that had been up for almost 2 months. You’ll just have to listen your vinyl copy or well, go here.

Yesterday, I stumbled on some Washington Nationals-related bloopers on youtube, part of a series for all MLB teams. It starts off with John Popper playing “God Bless America” on his harmonica (remember that?) while somebody tries to add eye drops while wearing sunglasses and is followed by President Obama’s eephus pitch to native Washingtonian John Phillip Sousa‘s “Stars & Stripes Forever,” so that gives you a pretty good idea of what we’re in for with this thing.

Later in the video, Experience Unlimited takes over with “Da Butt” because reasons. The last is The Clash with “I Fought the Law” the only non-DC music in the whole video. You have to respect the local flavor of the video creator.

Wacky plays, broken/flaming stadium equipment, Pierogi destruction, John Wall and an insurrection against the President’s Race are all included. Bryce Harper is well often represented. One really, glaring omission though:

But hey, it’s got had “Da Butt.”

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