The riots in Baltimore that followed the death of a suspect in police custody led to a cancellation of a Baltimore Orioles game. Immediately thereafter, speculation began that Tuesday’s game and others that follow could be moved to Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. since the Nats are on a road trip through the end of the week.

This is a terrible idea for the District and the Nats.

Peter Angelos and the Baltimore Orioles have worked against the interests of the District, the Washington Nationals and their fans for over a decade. They voted against DC getting baseball and bullied MLB into giving them the super-majority of the Nats television rights. The Nats were immediately placed on an Orioles-controlled channel that did not make it onto every major D.C. area cable system until September 2006, almost two full seasons. The bad faith goes on and one.

Now, with the Orioles possibly unable to play in Baltimore, the Nats need to use this situation to their advantage. If the Orioles want to use Nationals Park these conditions should be met:

  • Peter Angelos and the Baltimore Orioles renounce all claims to the Washington Nationals television rights immediately
  • Peter Angelos and the Baltimore Orioles and apologize for voting no on D.C. baseball and the decade of bad behavior they have engaged in against the District, the Nats and their fans.

Obviously, neither scenario is likely, so the Nats out to just go about the business and remember Aesop’s The Farmer & Viper.

Also, the Nats ought to start winning again. Just a minor thing. It’d be nice if the team’s winning percentage is was higher that Bryce Harper’s OBP. At least he’s shown up at the plate so far.

Author: WFY

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