It’s been a few weeks since Ryan Zimmerman hit his 10th career game-ending home run. It was followed the next day by retrospective blog posts and articles including this one about the originator of the term Mr. Walk-Off.

How Ryan Zimmerman got his ‘Mr. Walk-Off’ nicknameThe Post

TL;DR – It was me and for posterity, I’m finally adding it here, but rather than expand on it much more , I’ll note two things:

  • Zimmerman has only hit walk-offs in non-playoff seasons. Given the Nats 1-5 skid right not…gulp.
  • I can’t make it to tonight’s game due to a work event so…

    will anybody pick up a Mr. Walk-Off bobblehead for me?

I missed out on the t-shirt in 2010 (when Adam Dunn hit a walk-off over the Phillies in his penultimate game with the Nats). This is a collectible I’d really enjoy.

Thanks for your consideration, NatsTown…

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