In his Q&A with fans, Washington Nationals owner and occasional batting practice outfielder Mark Lerner fielded a couple of questions about uniforms:

The Nats refreshed the team’s uniforms several years ago. I personally feel the set has been a success for the most part, but also could be improved in some ways. How do you feel about them? Do you see any enhancements/additions in the future, or are you content with this set?

“It’s funny, now anywhere I travel I run into folks wearing Nationals team merchandise – Curly W caps, jerseys, T-shirts. I think we have developed a pretty popular logo and brand. We are open to alternate designs down the line, but currently we are sticking with what is proving to be popular.”

Can we have the interlocking “DC” return as a home/away alternate and is it possible to sell the uniforms and caps with the interlocking “DC” logo in the team store?

“We are open to alternate designs, but don’t have any current plans to change the uniforms next season. I’ll share your request for the interlocking DC logo to be made available in our stores with the retail team!”


As I mentioned on Uni Watch, I came up with some easy tweaks to the Nats uniforms a few years back. Bring back the solid blue road caps and drop the numbers on the front of the home jerseys.

As for extended Metro house:

Why won’t the Nationals pay to have Metro run late for evening games?

We’ve consistently said that as a world-class city – and the Nation’s Capital – D.C. needs to have a world-class public transportation system and that includes an extended hours schedule like every other major American city. Currently our fans contribute millions of dollars and thousands of hours a year to WMATA traveling to and from games during our 81 home games. That usage should be reflected in extended hours.

Lerner isn’t wrong that DC should have world-class public transportation but spending $29,000 on a deposit (which would be refunded by usage) would serve fans who want to know they can go to the whole game and stay home.

Even Dan Synder -DAN SNYDER! knows this

More of the same all-around.

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