DC = Division Champions – Nats win third NL East title

There has been a lot of news in sports since Saturday night and aside from a DC bifecta and burgundy football pants on Sunday, it’s been really bad. Let’s cheer up a little and remember that the Washington Nationals have won the National League East for the third time in three seasons.

Kind of nice to clinch in Pittsburgh too, even though they didn’t take it well on Sunday. On Saturday night though, Nats fans who made the trip had a good time:

In happier times, Bryce Harper celebrated in Katie Ledecky’s swim cap (WTOP).

The Nats will face the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NLDS and are 1.5 games up on home field advantage. Two more series, both at Nationals Park remain for the Nats, starting the Arizona Diamondbacks, followed by the grieving Miami Marlins. The Dodgers will be on the road, finishing in San Francisco in Vin Scully’s much-discussed final game.

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