Remember back in 2011 when a bunch of Penn State football bloggers joined together and took over Black Shoe Diaries? It was great, nothing but dancing under overpasses drinking Dr. Pepper all season long, nothing troublesome at all!

Some of those dudes are back at it again with a new site, Roar Lions Roar. Chris Grovich (publisher emeritus of There’s Something About Hazleton) is at the top of the masthead. It’s about the present and the future that we wait:

When we decided to launch this project in conjunction with our colleagues at the amazing independent Ohio State site, Eleven Warriors, we wanted to focus on what we actually like about Penn State athletics. As we noted throughout our discussions about RLR, this is supposed to be fun. That’s why we don’t write, report, or drop fiery editorial takes about the Jerry Sandusky scandal. We don’t care about statues or the Board of Trustees. We concentrate on the present and future of Penn State sports.

I think the former Iowa SB Nation folk are tangentially involved as well at goiowaawesome too in case you were worried the IPA, Wilco-listening B1G blog demographic was limited. Can a Slow States resurgence be far behind?

Let’s face it, it all stopped being fun almost five years ago and Penn State football isn’t even appointment television for me any more. I don’t know if it ever will be again, but perhaps RLR will get me more into it.

RLR is also really into tuddies which sounds creepy. It’s the newest shorthand for touchdowns. But yeah, it sounds creepy.

There’s more of course, like the RLR Store because who doesn’t want $28 t-shirts? I’m sure it’s not just some plan to do something like raise money to put up a BILL O’BRIEN 15 WINS billboard along US 322. I’m sure Grovich isn’t about to quit any day now too.

So, give RLR a try and keep reading whatever Penn State stuff you’ve been reading, they are still doing there thing.


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