Happy Pitchers & Catchers Day!

The Washington Nationals begin their first spring training at the new Ballpark of The Palm Beaches today. They are sharing it with the Houston Astros who I’m not used to being in the AL. Don’t get me wrong, their goofy ballpark was always out of place in the NL, but overall I think of the Stros as NL still. I digress.

Nevertheless, since everybody is in the best shape in years if not their whole lives, the big concern other than bullpen depth and Ryan Zimmerman is of course, the amenities of Palm Beach County. In particular, is there one specific casual restaurant available?

Breathe a sigh of relief, Barry Svrluga, you are covered, there are several Panera Bread locations nearby. The closest is 4.1 miles away on Village Blvd. There are two more to the north on Northlake and PGA Blvd, respectively.

Now, Barry and the other Posties are probably staying at Mar-a-Lago, so the closest is on Rosemary Ave. in West Palm Beach.

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