Pitchers and catchers day is just nine days away and I’m sure the Washington Nationals are getting busy readying the gameday operations.

Overall, the Nats have a mixed record on making the ballpark distinctly “feel like DC.” The stadium architecture is okay, but it’s no PNC Park. Multiple Ben’s Chili Bowl stands and decent local/regional beer selections are welcome. Chuck Brown’s “Bustin’ Loose” has been in and out of the music rotation over the years, but seems to be here for good. There is an opportunity to expand the local sound and make “instant” replay reviews more tolerable.

Ian MacKaye and the crowd chanting “I AM A PATIENT BOY, I WAIT, I WAIT, I WAIT…” after that classic bass line? Ya, that’ll do, that’ll do nicely and make Nationals Park feel less generic and more like D.C.

Take the suffering out of replay, Ms. Camillo!

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