2017 Washington Nationals batting jersey, Bryce Harper model

Per @sportslogos.netMLB has a new batting jersey design this season:

The jerseys “have a half-sleeve which gives more of the light jacket feel players get versus the traditional B.P. cut…the jersey, officially titled the “Batting Practice Cool Base Player Trainer Jersey” doesn’t have any buttons up the front resulting in a look closer to a guy wearing a shirt with his sleeves rolled back and team logos are on the front styled as they would be on a typical jersey. In addition to the longer sleeves, players are now wearing numbers on their arms across the league, and unlike the B.P. jerseys before most teams don’t have a name OR number on the back.
The Washington Nationals version is already for sale. The initial offering – #34, sans “HARPER” on the back.

Of note, this the first appearance of “Nationals” in script on a jersey for the current franchise. I have a feeling it’ll be on the front of the home jersey in 2019 – no inside information, just a cocktail party supposition.

Baseball is coming!

Author: WFY

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