Today is Wednesday which means it’s time for another edition of…


Last night an earworm just popped into my head. I mostly remember the tune (horns!) and “STOP” repeated in it and being from the late 1980s or early 1990s. I jumped on the twitter machine and described the situation

21 minutes and several twitter users helping, I found it:

Swing Out Sister’s cover of “Am I the Same Girl.” It’s better than I remember, though being a “live” version might be part of it. Great vocals, horns, guitars – a. fantastic arrangement. Thanks to @radarpsu for figuring out the band.

Crowdsourcing songs is fun!

It’s a long way from waiting years to figure out a song like the olden days; the same thing happened with Grazing in the Grass. This took me down a rabbit hole:

The original was Barbara Acklin in the late 1960s.

Dusty Springfield did it too

And it’s an instrumental called Soulful Strut (the reverse of what happened to Grazing in the Grass) by Young-Holt:

Sometimes twitter is more than just trolls and Joe Maddon memes.

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