Section of New Jersey road map showing Dorland Henderson Causeway to Long Beach Island
NJ Route 72My brother Christopher, who recently vacationed on Long Beach Island, passed along an interesting article from The SandPaper:

Wanna Buy the World’s Biggest ‘String of Pearls’? The Real Causeway Lights Are for Sale

Parts of the “string of pearls” from the old causeway between Long Beach Island and the Jersey mainland are for sale. The guard rails with recessed fluorescent lighting were the first of their kind and guided nighttime motorists along NJ 72 for half a century. NJDOT engineer Dorland J. Henderson designed this feature and the main span is now named for him.

I can’t say that I’m personally interested in my pearl; it’s not like it’s a neon Turnpike sign.

The new bridge is promised to have LED features similar to the original. That project is scheduled to be completed in 2020 and is being managed to avoid additional summer delays.

The only other place I recall this kind of set up is the ramp that US 1 southbound uses from I-395 southbound into Pentagon City in Arlington.

There isn’t great video of the string of pearls on youtube, but this might do:

I could use a trip to LBI.

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