In yet another recent twitter discussion “Six Underground” by Sneaker Pimps camne and pretty much embedded itself in my head. I even heard it at DSW a nice respite from the Marroon 5 dreck they were playing before.

It turns out that one-hit wonder 90s trip hop with John Barry samples is my jam. Like the first Music Tuesday entry, Life in Mono, Six Underground delivers this — the strings from “Golden Girl” on the Goldfinger sound track are used to great effect. Ah one-two, ah one-two.

Like most music videos, it’s weird in a “hey, we’re weird” and it has that post-grunge 90s vibe. Donna from “That 70s Show” is in there, but before she grew her long red hair. I know she has another series now (but not the red hair), but we’re keepin’ it real as they used to say back in the 90s.

The Sneaker Pimps rose from obscurity and soon returned there, so far as I know.

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