Music Tuesday: Dandy Warhols, “Boys Better”

Today is Monday, which means it’s time for another episode of… Music Tuesday.

Tonight I have a random, but welcome earworm from long ago –
“Boys Better” by the Dandy Warhols. Yay post-grunge Pacific Northwest psychedelica influence noise rock.

The lyrics, whatever, something about dudes and how they feel about women’s hair. The official (?) video is kind of NSFW – though the keyboardist, Zia McCabe is now a realtor but sadly it isn’t for Sunny Day Real Estate. The front man is notable for having the same last named repeated although separated by a hyphen. Do I need to learn more about the Dandys? Not really, but I’ll link the first single of theirs that I heard way back when:

Is it just me or does the lead’s voice sound like the frontman from America – i.e. “Tin Man” and “A Horse With No Name.”

Good earworms, both of them. Much better than “Bohemian Like You” which is kind of meh. I wonder if they have been on Portlandia.

“Where did you get your taste in music?”

– My wife, Erica

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