Metro: No new Nats SmarTrip cards for 2018

WMATA will not be selling Washington Nationals SmarTrip cards to Metro patrons in 2018
Last season the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority sold Washington Nationals branded SmarTrip cards. I scooped one up because I’m a big Nats fanboy of course. It was practical as well since being red made it easy to keep track of instead of the several generic blue/purple cards I have floating around.

Earlier this year, I lost my Nats card though, so I inquired with WMATA to see if they were selling them this year:

Circa 2008, Nats-branded SmarTrip cards were released as well.

I cannot recall any other DC team having their own SmarTrip cards.

So, if I want a distinct SmarTrip card, I can go with the cherry blossom design that’s on sale in select stations or online. I suppose I could also order a retro SmarTrip card (new to me) but I don’t feel like going to the trouble and this is hardly the biggest problem with SmarTrip (Metro no longer allows negative balances on SmarTrip cardsWTOP) or the Nats-WMATA “relationship” (The Post).

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