Last season the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority sold Washington Nationals branded SmarTrip cards. I scooped one up because I’m a big Nats fanboy of course. It was practical as well since being red made it easy to keep track of instead of the several generic blue/purple cards I have floating around.

Earlier this year, I lost my Nats card though, so I inquired with WMATA to see if they were selling them this year:

Circa 2008, Nats-branded SmarTrip cards were released as well.

I cannot recall any other DC team having their own SmarTrip cards.

So, if I want a distinct SmarTrip card, I can go with the cherry blossom design that’s on sale in select stations or online. I suppose I could also order a retro SmarTrip card (new to me) but I don’t feel like going to the trouble and this is hardly the biggest problem with SmarTrip (Metro no longer allows negative balances on SmarTrip cardsWTOP) or the Nats-WMATA “relationship” (The Post).

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