The triumph of hope over experience began anew early this month as Washington Nationals fans put aside past Game 5 letdowns and return to Nationals Park. It’s season 11 over there which is mind-blowing. The new season also means a new beer map | guide by Charlie at The Nationals Review.

You are scholar and a gentleman, Charlie.

Beer won’t be cheap of course and there will be 25 pours for $16. TheOne of the Baltimore fanboy(s) that writes for DC Sports Bog instead of Dan Steinberg took a break from fluffing the deadbeat Orioles to explain: Don’t freak out about the Nationals’ $16 craft draft beer

It turns out last year the Nats hit a pricepoint that I was not always willing to pay, so I bought beer less a few times last season. However, if given the choice between macro beers, I’ve paid more for the local/regional beer that tastes like something. I just did not do it as often last year. Take note, Valerie Camillo.

My hometown Port City Brewing Co. has their Nationals Park schedule posted:

The way the Nats have started the season under davey martinez suggests some fans my need TNR’s map to cope (please drink responsibly).

There are also mixed drink pouches if hard Capri Suns are your things.

Nats inspired beers

Devils Backbone brews beer exclusively for Washington NationalsWTOP
Devil’s Backbone, the Virginia-based craft brewer that AmBev bought in 2016 is now canning their Earned Run Ale for retail sales. A Nats curly W adorns the cans, something that would have never happened when they were independent.

Ivy City brewer Atlas Brew Works has been selling The 1500 South Cap Lager at Nationals Park for several years now and even had #natitude on the cans. I can’t recall if they still do. That DC helles is typically what I have gotten with my Ben’s half-smoke when I’m in the park. I also pick up a six pack of tallboys on occasion at Ace Beverage on New Mexico Ave NW. Ask for Joe, tell him I sent you.

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