Veteran DC sports columnist, Dave McKenna, takes a trip back to the time when sports blogs were important and so were the Wizards.

The Wizards Of Aughts: The Post-Millennium Washington Wizards And The Bloggers Who Immortalized Them

Proximity bias and all, but it seemed like the non-Skins DC sports teams had the early adopters of sports blogging anywhere. The Wiz and blogs thrived – they were crazy and fun, especially Gilbert Arenas.

Then it was just crazy

As McKenna details, it all went south for the Wiz. For the bloggers, some say they got tired of all that writing for no pay. Others, got married and became dads. One even runs a t-shirt company. It was interesting moment in time that seemed to mostly be late Gen Xers or early millennials at the beginning of the social media era. Dan Steinberg though, kept writing until only recently and still tweets all day long as he edits sports copy. Come back Steinz!

I’m sure McKenna follow up with stories about the original Natmosphere and all the fun that was and the nicknames that came from it. Everybody wants to read that oral history.

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