Winter 2018-2019 Broomball update

Capital Broomball, District Wharf
While we bask in the reflective glory of the Washington Capitals Stanley Cup Championship (or get over the hangover, figuratively and literally the defending champs seem to be on) and approach the coming winter, I offer my this advice:

Don’t hate winter, use it.

One of my favorite ways to “use winter” is broomball – similar to ice hockey, but played in shoes with a ball instead of a puck and a “broom” instead of a hockey stick.

Public broomball

The Capitals Iceplex, on top of the Ballston public parking garage, in Arlington has begun filling in their broomball schedule. There was already a session the first weekend of November. As of today, there are two more public sessions on the calendar over Thanksgiving weekend:

Fri., November, 23 – 4:30pm EST-5:30pm EST
Sat., November, 24 – 4:30pm EST-5:30pm EST

More sessions are likely, particularly if these are well-attended. Sometimes lots of people show up, other times, it’s just a couple.

Additionally, there is a broomball meetup, run by Paul Fajman of Capitol Broomball.

League broomball

After talking about it for a while, I’m finally joining the Capitol Broomball (via Facebook) league. Games are on Sunday nights at Fort Dupont Arena in Southeast Washington, D.C. it’s late, but something I have been wanting to do for some time.

This is the registration form for the Winter 2018-19 broomball season at Fort Dupont Ice Arena. The season consists of 6 week regular season games and a 2 week playoff. Games start Dec 2 and run through Feb 17. We will be off for 3 weeks starting on Dec 23. This is a co-ed league with games played on Sundays at 9:15 and 10 p.m. Registration cost is $115. We offer FREE equipment rental. If you have any questions, please ask.


Registration deadline is November 26.


Last winter was a banner year for broomball with The Wharf hosting broomball nights on Tuesday. Whether that will happen again remains to be seen, but I will update this if it does there or elsewhere.

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