The final Skywalker saga Star Wars is just under a year away from it’s premiere. The most recent, The Last Jedi (Episode VIII) had mixed reviews1 and Solo: A Star Wars Story2 under-performed expectations. One of the screenwriters was even lamenting “what if” Solo had been released in December.

Some fans even noted it didn’t feel like Christmas without a Star Wars movie.

In short, 2018 was a rough year for Disney’s Star Wars universe.

An unexpected bright spot emerged on the 21st though. Star Wars Theory released a fan film called VADER EPISODE 1: SHARDS OF THE PAST


Just wow.

This fan fiction gets Star Wars better than some of its creators. The tragedy of Darth Vader in the aftermath of Episode III. The anguish of someone born a slave that makes a Faustian bargain and becomes a slave again is well understood and presented in this video. It’s what I want out of a Star Wars saga movie.

Are you listening, Disney?

I’m not a hater of Disney’s take on Star Wars, The Force Awakens was about as perfect as the series could have any hope of being and Rogue One was an ambitious movie with a fantastic ending. It seems the last two entries have gone the other direction though. The Star Wars Theory take is where I’d like to see Disney go moving forward.

1The Last Jedi was less than the sum of its parts and used “gags instead of wit” and too many scenes that took you out of the story.

2It was fine, but really didn’t show you how Han became the world-weary scoundrel we’d see in IV. Also, the lead was no Harrison Ford. Lando though, please make a Donald Glover Lando movie.

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