Happy Pitchers & Catchers Day 2019! Just think, had a bit a little colder, we’d have piles upon piles of snow on the ground.

As I did with Home Openers and All-Star Games I have compiled some historical Nats footage.

The playlist has seven videos from the original American League franchise. Legends of the Nats past, including Walter Johnson, Clark Griffith, Bob Wolff and Jim Lemon make appearances in the clips. In order:

1931 – Washington Senators Spring Training 1931 – 29:10
1934 – Washington Senators Spring Training 1934 – 4:48
1945 – Pete Gray and Bert Shepard Baseball Wonders 1945 – 1:09
1946 – Washington Senators Ray Scarborough interview by Bob Wolff
1955 – The Story of the Washington Nationals – 28:33
1955 – Spring Training begins for the Dodgers and Senators – 2:42
1960 – Baseballs Jim Lemon talks about spring training with Senators 3:34

The first two videos are from Ghosts of DC.

UPDATE 2/23/2019

I found this tweet of the 1943 Nats:

FINGA GUNZ -Over 60 years before Gilbert Arenas! No W’s on the caps either.

Unfortunately, I have not found any videos of expansion Senators or 2005 Nationals.

Everybody feel like they are in the best shape of their life yet?

Opening Day is 43 days away

Maybe Bryce Harper will be signed by then, hopefully not with another NL East team

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