Two Major League Baseball Teams Back in Court With Each Other Over TV MoneyThe Hollywood Reporter
Fifteen seasons in and the modern Washington Nationals are stuck in broadcast hell. The Baltimore Orioles and their owners, beneficiaries of a corrupt bargain that gives a super-majority of the Nats TV rights, have stopped paying the Nats:

According to documents filed in New York today, MASN has made cash flow payments to both teams every year early in the season. By June 2018, though, the Nationals hadn’t received their payout and accordingly inquired about the missing money. Thus began months of correspondence between the two clubs and the MLB Commissioner without resolution.

The Angelos family and the Orioles are deadbeats. It’s no surprise. Also, not surprising this wasn’t reported by D.C. media.

It turns out they are not complete deadbeats, but still pretty bad.\

4/9/2019 UPDATE

Nothing on The Post, The Wash. Times, WTOP, WJFK or WTEM web sites on the deadbeat Orioles. WTOP gave the Baltimore score first as well.


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