Bankrupt West Virginia ski area was sold to Perfect North at auction. Skiing and snowboarding could resume next winter.

The buyer, Perfect North

Indiana-Based Perfect North Slopes Purchases Timberline ResortDC Ski

The new ownership, Perfect North, owns and operates a successful ski area in Indiana. Ski Southeast interviewed new owner, Chip Perfect:

It’s Official! Timberline Resort Is Sold To Perfect North Slopes!

Perfect, by the way, is an Indiana state senator who proposed eliminating child labor laws (The Post).

Can Timberline reach its potential?

Timberline’s 4000+ foot summit is the highest in the region. Elevation and natural snowfall compensated for old equipment and poor management. These issues weren’t great in 2013 when I visited; they would get much worse.

The 2018-2019 season never really started. When it closed, skiers feared the mountain would never open again.

Ironically, Timberline is now more accessible than ever to Washington, D.C. Four-lane US 48 (Corridor H) is only 15 miles away. I hoped the promise and potential of Corridor H would lead to T-Line getting more funding and a 21st century experience. It didn’t.

Timberline is seemingly well-positioned to become a major snow sports destination. Does Perfect North has the funding, willingness and ability? Beyond the obvious, I suggest they get affiliated with Indy Pass for launch. That’s probably their best bet for getting skiers back there. T-Line face a challenging battle in an industry that is consolidating. Becoming part of a larger company’s consolidation may even be the end game for Perfect. I’m curious how it’ll all play out.

My 2019-2020 commuter ski preview will be posted soon.

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