The best part of the year is March through October. Daylight savings time, longer days for the most part, outdoor activities and Washington Nationals baseball. Radio broadcasters Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler are big part of this glorious time. Whether driving somewhere or sitting in the backyard, Charlie & Dave are welcome companions.

This season of course, there isn’t any baseball and we hope that can be remedied some how. Thankfully, it’s not a complete season of silence for Nats fans.

The National Press Club hosted a video with Charlie & Dave on April 14.

That’s a healthy hour of of the dulcet tones of the World Series champion broadcasting team.

They are also joining Curly W Live to recap, what else, the World Series championship run of 2019. It starts with the play-in game and proceeds through the NLDS, NLCS and World Series. Which the Nats won. All of those series.

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