It’s understandable if skiing isn’t top of mind right now, but the news out of West by God Virginia looks promising. Perfect North, the new owners of Timberline Mountain announced that they are building a high-speed six pack lift to the top of the mountain. Another lift will service the mid-point of the mountain for intermediate and beginner trails.

Finally, some investment

Perfect North’s aggressiveness is a welcome sign. In 2013, I lamented that Timberine should be so much more. If they get the snowmmaking up to even average, Timberline is going to be quite competitive with DC-area skiers. US 48, Corridor H, a four-lane highway, comes within 15 miles of T-line now.

After a snowless winter for the D.C. area, rainy weekends in mountains and the current quarantine keeping us from broomball, kayaking, professional sports and well just about everything, some good news is welcome.

As you can expect, there has been a lot of talk over in the forums and SkiSoutheast.

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