Penguin Paddling announced that they will be opening for kayak and paddleboard rentals. The Occoquan small business explained in an email blast:

In light of current events, we have redesigned the way we do business in order to make sure that you and our employees remain safe and healthy. We are following a comprehensive infection control plan that includes sanitizing our boats and boards between customers, cleaning and disinfecting all personal flotation devices between customers, and social distancing measures to encourage people to not spread COVID-19. While the state government has closed much of the indoor recreational opportunities, we are in compliance with the directives to stay safe and get people outside for their mental and physical well-being. Paddling is a safe way to get your exercise and not be on top of each other!

Penguin Paddling is locally-owned and operated by a Fairfax County paramedic/firefighter. I kayaked there in 2018 with my oldest son.

Like everything else, please use your best judgment for yourself and others as you consider whether you are going to partake of these services.

Getting there

Penguin Paddling is located off of VA 123 near Interstate 95.

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