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Encore Wednesday

I don’t recall how I wound up learning that Joe Theismann was in a 1980 movie called The Man With Bogart’s Face. Quarantine life!

The movie stars Robert Sacchi, who made a living impersonating Bogie on stage and screen. Who can forget his tour de force turn in Funland or that episode of Sledge Hammer!? He plays Sam Marlow, a man who had plastic surgery to look like Bogie and became a private detective in Los Angeles. I didn’t really watch it, but starting at 19:20 the future NFL MVP appears.

Would Bogie have punched out a woman? Problematic!

As for “Jock”, that’s just one line dialog. Not so tough without the single-bar facemask and Hogs in front either, eh? It took two punches to drop him though, Mamas & Papas alumna Michelle Phillips (again, problematic!) and the other guy were lights out after a one.

The Man With Bogart’s Face was of course before the glory years. Theismann may have better known as a past Notre Dame quarterback than anything else then. #7 had only two full seasons as starting QB prior to this film. No playoffs yet and he had more interceptions than touchdown passes. Getting in a Hollywood movie shows ambition and probably good representation.

Theismann’s movie career would continue with Cannonball Run II and some made for TV/cable movies. I think you’ll have to buy movie if you want to see his Cannonball Run II appearance — I think he was a tough truck driver, but I haven’t seen the movie since the 20th century.

In the years following, the then-Vienna, Va. resident would reach the pinnacle of his professions — a Super Bowl championship and league MVP. Years of broadcasting followed his playing career as well as occasional commercials. In recent years, he appeared in a few Hallmark movies as well: Hey, is that Joe Theismann? In a Hallmark movie? Called ‘SnowComing’? – (DC Sports Bog, The Post)

Encore Wednesday was one of Glenn Brenner‘s features which I have borrowed in tribute. The series appears irregularly

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