How Ski Resorts Hope to Operate Under COVID-19 This WinterNew York Magazine
You will be forgiven if the next winter sports season isn’t top of mind. It’s 90° every day and there is this matter of a pandemic.

Provided that we haven’t all been rounded up to ” toil in underground sugar caves” by alien ants by winter:

“Lowest risk is coming down the mountain,” he said. “Even if you bump into somebody, crash into someone, it’s fine.” (At least from a COVID-19 perspective, if not an orthopedic one.)
How about riding a chairlift?

“It’s probably fine — you share someone’s space for five minutes, but it’s outside, it’s usually windy, I think you can probably get away with it,” he said.
“If you want to put family members together, or have people go up by themselves, that’s probably marginally safer but I don’t think it’s a huge deal.”

So, maybe daytrippers like myself can get on the slopes with reasonable safety? The venerable chicken fingers and fries from café teria are likely out, but so it goes. Kayak rentals, for example, seem to work in spite of everything going on.

Mid-Atlantic lift tickets may be more challenging as well. Quantities are likely down while the market may be expanded as skiers put off the West and North for something closer to home.

I am not getting my hopes up either way.

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