‘It wasn’t an easy path.’ Multiyear, $96 million Potters Mills Gap project draws to a closeCDT
A construction project widening US 322 between Potters Mills to Seven Mountains is completed.

Approximate location of construction

The project won’t save much time for Penn State-bound travelers on a typical day, but it’ll improve safety. My wife was involved really bad crash along the stretch, near the former Brown’s Tavern, before we met.

One more missing link

US 322 now has one remaining two-lanes section remaining between Phillipsburg and Hersey and it’s between State College (or Boalsburg, specifically) and Potters Mills. That’s about 115 miles in total, 90% of it being limited access. Over the last 50 years, two-lane stretches have been bypassed or widened, including the infamous i-99 project and the Lewistown Narrows.

Getting a new alignment or widening the current one is certain to be contentious. It’s beautiful county and paving over the rolling hills and farmland has been debated since time immemorial.

Project web site: Potters Mills Gap Transportation ProjectPennDOT

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