Saturday, April 24, 2021, Washington, D.C. swept Long Island in a “baseball-hockey” doubleheader.” It’s only the third time the Nationals/Capitals played the Mets/Islanders on the same day. It’s also the first to take place in the same area.

Nationals 7 Mets 1

Location: Citi Field, Flushing Meadows

Capitals 6 Islanders 3

Location: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale

Previous “doubleheaders”

Since the MLB and NHL regular seasons typically only overlap a little in the spring, these matchups have been rare. The Nats have only been around in their current incarnation since 2005 and this only started happening in 2019. It’s now happened each year since, though the most recent were due to COVID-19 schedule changes.

August 12, 2020


Washington Nationals (6) @ New York Mets (11) Boxscore


New York Islanders (4) @ Washington Capitals (2) Boxscore

MORE: DC now 0-2 in “baseball-hockey doubleheaders” against Long Island

April 6, 2019


Washington Nationals (5) @ New York Mets (6) Boxscore


New York Islanders (3) @ Washington Capitals (0) Boxscore

The only “normal” doubleheader so far. No more are scheduled in the current regular seasons.

The teams caught up to it

The mentions and quote tweets on this one…

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