The 2021 Washington Nationals are 1-0! It took Juan Shining Moment to overcome a Max Scherzer start in a big game.

Big game Max going to give up a homer? Bet on it

I warned you in the Opening Day preview from last week that it would happen:

Big Game Max = early inning homers. Everybody knows that! My 12 y/o knows it. The Atlanta Braves knew it.

It is Max Scherzer throwing batting practice to the Atlanta Braves, who hit his first, 11th, 16th and 39th pitches over the fence, no-doubt homers all. And it’s also Max Scherzer, grunting and grinding his way through six innings, retiring 12 of the final 13 Atlanta hitters he faced.

BARRY SVRLUGA: How wonderful was that Nationals Opening Day? Let us count the ways.The Post


Scherzer did it throughout the 2019 postseason, the 2018 All-Star Game and now three openers in a row.

What were the odds? No seriously, what were the odds. If we have to endure ubiquitous gambling ads, we deserve an Adam Kilgore byline on odds of Scherzer giving up homers in the first inning and on the first pitch.


162-0 pace!

3-0 greenlight for the win

Not bad for a team that is missing 11 players (AP/WTOP)

Just wear the regular caps

I don’t like the white panel caps. No white panel caps look good. Go all the way like the 1967 White War caps or just stick to the classic red caps.

Though given the future of MLB uniforms, this will seem quaint…

Let’s play two (sorta)

Two seven inning games back to back tomorrow. Workday Nats baseball!

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