A good weekend for the Washington Nationals – they swept the Baltimore Orioles. Additionally, they did something they hadn’t done since 2018: avoid starting the year 19-31.

The 2019 Nats climb from that 19-31 start to World Series champions is a remarkable story. Nobody saw it coming and it was a helluva ride. “Bumpy roads lead to beautiful places” and all that.

The Nats got so into that they did it again in last year’s COVID-19-shortened season. There was no feel good comeback that time. It’s not so much fun when it doesn’t work out.

It wasn’t so much fun when it was actually happening the first time either.

Nonetheless, 19-31 is constantly referenced. Fans have been grumbling about it for weeks as the Nats got off to lackluster start again. The team though, still seems to think it’s something to celebrate.

Nats need to move on from 19-31

Sure, the social media/sales machine needs to be fed, but this just tiresome. When the team is below .500 approaching the 50 game mark for the third season in a row, it’s a pattern and not a great one. Let it go.

An aside

In a sense, going 19-33 would have been a better story, since the last DC pennant had been in 1933. Even if they had meant they won two less games, they still would have hosted the play-in game against Milwaukee.

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